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Political anthropologist Irfan Ahmad is a thinker, writer, teacher and public intellectual.

Irfan Ahmad’s perception is indeed different from what is often depicted in the media. He scoffs at established traditions, and questions common perceptions… He brings a different perspective, whether he is analysing attacks on Indians Down Under or writing about evolution of Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Hindu
New Delhi, 8 February, 2010

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Reading TO KILL A DEMOCRACY by @Planet_Deb & @jkeaneSDN The official #BJP page on #Facebook, wid 16 m. followers, is FB's biggest advertiser in #India . Pro-BJP pages on FB accounted for 70% of advertisement revenue in 2019 (election yr).p.192 @OUPAcademic

Happy to share my new look, freshly designed & updated website. To the degree possible, it has almost all about my academic-public life.#Anthropology #politics #India #religion #culture #Europe @mpimmg https://irfanahmad.org/?fbclid=IwAR357cKGPyaagyWT1aaiqPNJJqNDhF-sgnuCF38NWlCIAT-1FHsIeb8CxME

U r shahid, Subhansaab; your murder is requiem 4 #India 's #democracy where anti- #Muslim hate speech is made by #BajrangDal leaders in presence of police who BajrangDal promises to"protect" from " #Terrorists " Where else in world police need protection? https://thewire.in/communalism/karnataka-hindutva-group-members-kill-muslim-man-hours-after-giving-anti-muslim-speech

The colonial myth, upheld by likes of #Nehru, had that #Islam debarred #women from modern education. Now the state in #India is denying this v edu to young #MuslimGirls precisely bcz of their faith.
Mark the continuity from colonial to postcolonial.

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