Gods, Power, Democracy: In Conversation With John Keane

Ahmad, Irfan. 2015. “In Conversation With John Keane:Gods, Power, Democracy”. Journal of Religious and Political Practice. 1(1): 73-91. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/20566093.2015.1047688#abstract In a wide-ranging conversation with Irfan Ahmad, John Keane, renowned political scientist and author of The Life and Death of Democracy discusses many key issues at the heart of contemporary reflections and concerns about democracy. Keane,…


“Talal Asad Interviewed by Irfan Ahmad”. Public Culture. 27(2): 259 – 279.

Ahmad, Irfan. 2015. “Talal Asad Interviewed by Irfan Ahmad”. Public Culture. 27(2): 259 – 279. Full Text Here https://acu-au.academia.edu/DrIrfanAhmad   Anthropologist Talal Asad, interviewed by Irfan Ahmad, talks about his conceptual engagement with the outcomes of religion, politics, and the past and his work to problematize a “seamless web” view of history’s unfolding. This interview…


Democracy as Permanent Advertising: Indian Media and Elections

Based on the analyses of select elections coverage by five television channels – India TV, NDTV, Aaj Tak, ANI, and IBN– I argue that: The way journalists pose questions to their favorite politicians are often already answers; In pursuing a storyline, journalists subordinate, even sacrifice, actual responses or events/facts to bolster their pre-determined narrative; and…


Manifestos and Indian Elections

This article analyses the manifestos of the parties which matter in India’s elections. It is my contention that there are more similarities than differences in various manifestos. Minor differences that exist hardly make a substantial difference thereby eliminating politics by installing nude policy.